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JackC posted 3 days ago at 12:17 pm
Dear Apollo group family.

Due to our growing number of Apollo Group users and in order to serve our customers in a timely fashion we have now removed the 1 month $14.99 USD package.

3 month, 6 month and 1 year packages will remain at the same prices.

Don’t be worried you’re actually saving money by purchasing a 3 month package.

3 x 1 month package at 14.99 = $4
Can you add nbc sports philadelphia to your sports listings. You currently just have nbc sports philadelphia+.

lslarry posted 1 day ago at 12:47 am
I would like to recommend that you make a change to how you display the channels on Apple TV. I think a lot of people would like it if the first box displayed (or a variation of it) of each header was to show as SEE ALL and there by display more channels vertically rather than scrolling horizontally.

lslarry posted 3 days ago at 3:25 pm
Coud you please fix the current time in Apple TV the only ways the I can fix the problem is to close the program or restart the apple box. Could you not reset the time when we enter the guide.
This morning I entered the guide and it showed 3:56 and all of the show time started at 4:00 AM or earlier. This is not a problem on the iPad or iPhone.

When I’m flipping threw the Portuguese channels it suddenly will stop working and the channels are black. The app sometime freezes and shuts off or shows API error whenever I change the channel. One of the admins confirmed the Portuguese channels were going black for him to. Thx

Been dealing with this since the new application launched.

Watching a TV Show series on VOD. Watch a couple episodes, turn tv off. Come back a couple days later, and the next episode in the list opens, with 0:02 as the start time, and 0:00 for length of episode. Screen is otherwise black. I've backed out of the app, rebooted, cleared app cache, nothing works. The only things that works is uni
[email protected] posted 6 days ago at 7:34 pm
Hi I am just Trying out your service everything looks great it works great I’m just missing my ifollow English football League just wondering if you have any plan to add this to your service thank you**

[email protected] posted 6 days ago at 2:40 pm
Is it possible to add the Christian channels

SBN- SonLife Broadcasting Network
TBN- Trinity Broadcasting Network

I believe they are us based channels

liatyport posted Nov 28 at 7:37 pm
So... after playing with "My Lists" feature in version 4.1.2, here are some comments:

Series are not displayed in alphabetic order.
Even after marking all episodes of a series as watched, the series in the list is displayed with the sign as no watched.
Viewed episodes still appear under new episodes list.
Under "new episodes" it does not display the summary of the episode but the info of th
recent by JackC  ·  6 days ago at 12:42 am
lslarry posted 7 days ago at 2:02 pm
You may wish to make the forum more accessible as I had spent numerous hours trying to access this forum with my iPad and it would only kick me into my account each time I tried to sign in. You could make this forum work if everyone could access it and by the number of people who have suggested ideas (not many) others seem to be having a problem. I finally got in using my PC.

liatyport posted Nov 26 at 6:30 pm

Can you please add to the episodes in series the broadcast date? This makes it easier to track what was already watched now that trakt is no longer available.
Also, when wilm the feature yo replace trakt will be available? It is so not user friendly yo be searching all the time for my series collation.
Thank you

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